Friday, May 31, 2013

What an exciting week!

Hi all. Hope you have had a lovely week. I am just about to head off for a walk with my sister Paula. 

Well what a week it has been. I have managed to produce some lovely "Bears By Tracey" bears however I am sorry to tell you that I haven't managed to produce any lying down style bears yet.
Hopefully next week. 
Today is design day and tidy up studio day as well

Searching my studio I found this little bear in bits. As it it a long weekend here in New Zealand, we are heading to our beach house. I aim to finish off this little bear and have it for show next Friday.

Noeline is bringing you all a special post on Monday

During the week I started this lovely golden bear

 This is what the bear looked like on Tuesday

Next week I will show you what I have made out of this fabric

Due to the long weekend I will put up a special post next Wednesday showing the bears all dressed up

Well that is all for now

Have a great weekend
Hugs Tracey and Noeline

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