Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What is on my table

Hi all. It has been very exciting doing this blog! Thank you to all of you for your lovely comments.
Below is my current project.

Keep checking back to see the completed bear. I am soooooo excited as it is going extremely well.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hamilton doll and teddybear Show

Hi all! Sorry for the late post.
Well the show was a lot quieter than previous years. Sales were down, however I met some wonderful people, and gained some new collectors. My friend Susan Leigh, from Bearleigh Bears, was over from Sydney as well as some of my wonderful collectors. 
Here is a photo of my table. 

I managed to get the following bear finished and it was the first to sell at the show!
From this on friday:

To this. Meet the lovely Madison! Wearing my favourite dress

Hugs to all

Friday, May 18, 2012

Off to the Hamilton Show

Hi all! I am at the airport with my friend Laraine heading to the Hamilton Doll and Bear show, which is on this weekend!

Boo hoo didn't get my bears finished in time however maybe I will tonight!
Here is a photo I took quickly of the bears I am taking, sorry it is not a good photo but will give you an idea.

mohair bear, miniature bear, teddy bear

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers day

Happy mothers day to everyone! My day started out with a breakfast with my mum and my 2 was lovely. However on arriving back home at 11.30am, I had to rush my youngest son Campbell to hospital. He had a bad asthma attack. This is where I am at present, in hospital. The children's ward! Thank goodness it is not busy. He is getting better, however he has to have his ventolin (puffer) every half hour, as well he is on oxygen. So think of me tonight being woken every half hour! Will post tomorrow with an update. Hugs

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bears for show

I have just finished lunch after being at Oliver and Campbells soccer games all morning! The sun is shining, which is good as I have heaps of washing on the line.
Unfortunately Dave has cancelled his trip to the beach house with the boys. Yes, that was my mothers day present to have peace and quiet , no one at home except the cat and the dog,while I sew and finish my bears for next weeks show in Hamilton. Now it is not happening.  Boo hoo! I had planned to stay up late sewing while watching girly dvds.

Below is what I am finishing, there are 2 elephants, 3 'no hair' mohair bears, small white bear and 2 polar bears on my sewing table all in bits....wish me luck!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fireplace drama

Hi all. Well I haven't been able to any sewing yet!!!  hamilton show is looming! I have had major drama with the installation of our new wood burner. Now all I have is an ugly hole where the gas heater was. It is winter her in Lower Hutt!!!so quite chilly in the house.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hi All
Welcome to all my new followers. Hope you enjoy your visit to my blog.
It is Thursday morning here in Lower Hutt. Weather is awful...cold and chilly and raining It is around 10.15am when I post this new post. I haven't been able to change the date and time. I did go into the settings and found where to do it however it did not seem possible! will put it in the hard basket and try later.

I am home today ...busy sewing (hopefully) for an upcoming teddybear show in Hamilton. Will post a what's on my table post later today., to give you a little sneak preview of what might be available at the show.

I am still reading through my new mag, which has heaps of information in it.

Anyway here is a before and after photo of my little dog Miley before and after going to the groomer yesterday..enjoy!


By the way the Little bow didn't last long


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

what's on my table

Hi all. Today I picked up this magazine from my local bookshop. It contains heaps of great information about blogging as well as selling on the internet.
I am going to make myself a coffee and sit down and have a read of it.
will keep you posted if I learn anything new. Enjoy your day hugs Tracey

thanks to all of you reading my blog
At present for some strange reason it says it it 12.00am instead of pm. Not sure how you change this!
Maybe it will be in this mag lol

Monday, May 7, 2012

Studio tidy up

In December we moved to a smaller house. Good-bye to my studio and classroom. Yes 2 rooms! and now only 1 small room!

All  my craft stuff boxed up and stored in the garage. At least the garage is large! However I am not looking forward to sorting it out. Years of craft making stuff, before the bear design took over!

I now have a very small room to perform my creativity.

I do have lots of lovely ideas about decorating this little room, however that will have to wait a while.

However that is all on hold at the moment as my lovely partner Dave has a few other jobs to do around house that are a bit more important. 

This is what I did today to make my little room bit easier to work in.

Before I get stuck into my bear making, I need to sort out my studio!

Here in the first 2 photos are the before photos before I cleared out the whole room

The room all cleared out

My lovely partner Dave is going to modernize this room in a couple of months so this is just a easy fix look of my studio
My temporary fix up

As you can see there are still boxes to sort out. There are still quite a few boxes to sort in our garage lol
In the next couple of months I will show you the changes to the room!

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated lol!

Hugs Tracey

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Look who I Met

Noeline (left) and Jan (right)
Hi All, I was very lucky to have the opportunity while in Dunedin to stay with New Zealands' most famous doll artist Jan McLean. A lovely lady with a lot of knowledge to share. She has inspired me and I cannot wait to get stuck into my bear making tomorrow.
Here she is pictured with her friend Noeline Te Raki-Hill. We had a lovely afternoon tea with Noeline yesterday

Friday, May 4, 2012

Heading Home

Hi all. Had a lovely time will post about my trip with pics tomorrow

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hi all this is Campbell and I arriving in Dunedin yesterday for my daughter Elissia's 21st birthday. Elissia made this sign for us

Here is Campbell in front of Baldwin Street...the steepest street in the world however the photo doesn't do it justice as it is taken on the wrong angle. it was 4 degrees when this photo was taken

Here is Elissia and I at her birthday lunch

Here are both my sons Campbell and Joshua at the birthday lunch