Monday, May 27, 2013

What a week! Look what I have finished!

Hi all! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Here at LBC HQ it has been extremely busy. 
Wednesday was an exciting day as Little Bear Company launched its new products the Snuggle Bears and Bunnies. 

Our Etsy store is finally open. Check them out at

Also Tracey was a bit obsessed with her 'Bears By Tracey' artist bears last week. She finished a record number of 7 bears!!!! They are still waiting to be dressed as Noeline has come down with the flu and Tracey is not going anywhere near her!!! So instead of 'What is on my table this week.. it is look 'What I have finished!'

Here are the three sunshine yellow artist bears Tracey started on Tuesday, By Thursday they were all completed and then she decided to make some of her very popular 'no hair' mohair bears and  managed to finish 3

Here they are the 7 bears still waiting to get dressed, shaded and noses waxed.

Have a great week and come back on friday and see what Little Bear Company has been up to
Tracey & Noeline


  1. Looking Fab girls , well done on the very professional look of this sight and the gorgeous bears . As a proud owner of one of Tracey's bears I can highly recommend the quality and high standard of her work . Jules Higham , Wellington New Zealand

  2. Thanks Jules! You actually one of my first artist bears.

  3. Very cute :)
    Hope Noeline is getting over the flu and feeling better!

  4. Thanks Joy. Back to normal now. Come back on Friday and see what we have been up to!