Monday, June 3, 2013

Catch up time....

Happy holiday everyone,

It's Queens Birthday weekend here in New Zealand so I have been taking the opportunity to catch up with family and friends and also find time to get those needles busy.

As Tracey told you its my job to get the outfits ready for the bears.  Its always exciting trying to find the right look for each bear. 

So, I have been busy with my needles and here are a  couple of cardigans and jumpers that I have finished recently.  What do you think?

Keep an eye out as there are some more designs on the drawing board and I will be working on them during the next week or so.

Noeline & Tracey


  1. Thanks Mara, its fun trying to work out new designs

  2. The cardigans and jumpers are adorable ~ from Julia

  3. Thanks Julia , its great when you create something that works if you know what I mean

  4. They are super super cute!!! Great Job! :)