Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hi All
Welcome to all my new followers. Hope you enjoy your visit to my blog.
It is Thursday morning here in Lower Hutt. Weather is awful...cold and chilly and raining It is around 10.15am when I post this new post. I haven't been able to change the date and time. I did go into the settings and found where to do it however it did not seem possible! will put it in the hard basket and try later.

I am home today ...busy sewing (hopefully) for an upcoming teddybear show in Hamilton. Will post a what's on my table post later today., to give you a little sneak preview of what might be available at the show.

I am still reading through my new mag, which has heaps of information in it.

Anyway here is a before and after photo of my little dog Miley before and after going to the groomer yesterday..enjoy!


By the way the Little bow didn't last long



  1. Dear Tracey, good evening.
    Tracey please, If you want to participate in my give away
    - post my giveaway picture in your blog/livejournal/web-site with active link to this post .
    - Come to check the result on the 12th of May.
    Thank you. Good luck!


  2. Hi Irina
    I am already on the list. number 91
    I love your blog and have passed your blog link onto many of my bear artist friends
    Thank you for reading my blog.
    Keep in touch
    Bears By Tracey and Little Bear Company