Monday, May 7, 2012

Studio tidy up

In December we moved to a smaller house. Good-bye to my studio and classroom. Yes 2 rooms! and now only 1 small room!

All  my craft stuff boxed up and stored in the garage. At least the garage is large! However I am not looking forward to sorting it out. Years of craft making stuff, before the bear design took over!

I now have a very small room to perform my creativity.

I do have lots of lovely ideas about decorating this little room, however that will have to wait a while.

However that is all on hold at the moment as my lovely partner Dave has a few other jobs to do around house that are a bit more important. 

This is what I did today to make my little room bit easier to work in.

Before I get stuck into my bear making, I need to sort out my studio!

Here in the first 2 photos are the before photos before I cleared out the whole room

The room all cleared out

My lovely partner Dave is going to modernize this room in a couple of months so this is just a easy fix look of my studio
My temporary fix up

As you can see there are still boxes to sort out. There are still quite a few boxes to sort in our garage lol
In the next couple of months I will show you the changes to the room!

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated lol!

Hugs Tracey


  1. Looks nice and bright for you Tracey.

  2. thanks Di. Let the bear making begin lol

  3. I love seeing other artists creative spaces...thanks for sharing yours! Looking forward to following your changes!

  4. Thanks Natalie Jo. Found a photo on pinterest, which I am using for inspiration. Will post photo later