Monday, September 2, 2013

Its up, up and away

Well, today was a busy day, getting Tracey off to the airport for the start of her overseas adventures.  For the next few weeks I will be keeping you informed of how its all going and what is happening. 

You won't believe it.  Tracey has found a stow away!!    A little companion who is going to share her adventures.  His name is Ned the Ted, and he has managed to hitch a ride with her.  If you want to follow his adventures and keep up to date with what he is up to please click here or on The Adventures of Ned the Ted link on the right hand side of the page.   Please share this with the little people in your life as I am sure they will enjoy the story.

Meet Ned the Ted.  He is all packed ready to go...
Just waiting for Tracey to finish packing her bag!
Come back tomorrow and I will let you have a sneak preview of some of the bears
that are going to be available at Hugglets. 
Hugs Noeline & Tracey


  1. The elephants, mice, bears and Ned are going to find new homes overseas. They are very cute!

    1. Yes they are cute and just wait till you some of the other companions! I am sure you will love them

  2. Little Ned the Ted will have a wonderful time travelling. I hope he sends you post cards.