Monday, April 30, 2012

what is on my table

To all my lovely friends, here is what I am sewing at present. My lovely polar bear design!
I am off for the next 5 days to visit my daughter and son in Dunedin. They are both at university and tomorrow is my daughters 21st birthday.  Campbell my 9 year old and I are flying down to see exciting. There will not be much sewing going on over the next 5 days. I have a show in 3 weeks so the pressure will on  when I return on Saturday.
I will try and post some more photos while I am away


  1. Enjoy your trip, Tracey! Hope you're able to get your bears done for your show on your return. It's fun to see your polar bear in progress.

  2. Arrived in Dunedin. It is freezing. I should be a polar bear lol